I realized length of the month's name can caouse some problems with the logo. That s why i ve changed the place of the logo with the 2013.

I've choosed different colors according to the seasons. And every months which belong to the same 
season i m considering to use same theme of page design.

I always find the jellyfish very attractive and interesting. However, as everyone, i always avoid encountering them at the sea. Appearently, Emily Carr find a better way to interact them for human.

When i see the process, i realized that it needs more practice only than  design. That is always something that i am curious about industrial design. Desinging also its sytsem, is it enough to know basic things. Appreantly, Emily Carr uses some electronical information for designing these Jellyfishes. It does not seem that much complicated for this design. But what about the other complex stuff? Should we need to take maybe engineering background ? Or just we need some engineers who help us?

As we all know, we're going to do a magazine design in the second semester. That's why i decided to look at some examples of it. I found one that i really like ; filter. I'm not so sure about its content however, i like its simple design that gives to the reader too much space- which kind of gives the sense of relief for me. I would really enjoy the looking at a magazine like that. Also the choose of images too way interesting. In the first photo, we're seeing a destorted woman face with a diamond neckless- which gives me lots of idea about the content of the magazine. With this way,  according to me, designer achieve to make a direct connectionto the  content without writing too much thing to the cover. It is a really powerful way to express your ideas.

Logo looks so simple.

It is not hard to understand why all we trying to keep the designs that we do simple after seeing these photos.


I always find the idea that designing something for the pets creepy. For me that is against their nature to try to involved that human made stuff. If you ever had a cat or dog, you would recognize that even when you take a toy for them they don't care about, they continue to nibble your furniture. However, when i come across with those designs i could not stop myself looking to them. What can i say, they are so cute. Also, according to the site that i come across the people who design these furniture are like a community, and all of these stuff that was designed have an aim like increasing the connection between the dog and its owner.

It was written that, because of the short legs of this species, its designer and at the same time owner of the dog for strengthen their relationship through the increasing the eye contact made this sofa/chair.

The using of the mirror means something in here. Toy poddle is the only strain that can realize its reflection in meaningful sense behind the whole dog species.

These are my favorite twosome, i really like the design and the dog's strange looks. I'm sure that it will take seconds for this guy to ruin its owners creation.

If you are curious about more, you can visit their website ( it is also hilarious too);


Personally, i do not like using cars. However, in a city like İstanbul it is like an obligation. My biggest dream is recently ; moving a place that resolve my transportation problems with bikes and by walking.

In Africa, some Dutch designers who think like me, by taking in the consideration of the raw materials of the region and their benefits they wanted to design a vehicle for the native population. For that they have used a sustainable material - bamboo which makes the also bikes stylish and provides economical benefits to the local community.

What can i say, i don't know these bikes whether make a good profit or solution for the locals' or not, in any case i loved them!


When i first see these designed shoes, i got really surprised. As a women even wearing high heels is something really hard for me. I've never achieved a proper walk when i am wearing high heels. And when i saw these pairs which was designed by Leanie Van der Vyver, i loved that how she brought an completely another approach to the high heels, she made them even more hard to wear, maybe trying to saying that how hard to be a women.

If you want to walk with these shoes, you should bend your knees. Ooouf! Must be painful.

However, i should say that as visually they are attractive. Thinking the whole process reverse is something which all people do for the creatin. And for me personelly, never dreamed of high heels in that reverse sense. Also, i really like the model's expression in this photo, she is like trying to say something. Photos, situation, shoes for me all of these components tell something about being a woman.


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